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The Way I Used To Be

4/5 stars

This book was very much like Speak which I first read during a very tumultuous time in my life- this book could almost be considered the updated version of Speak. This book had the same overall theme, the same writing style and left me feeling the same way at the end- sorry for the character but happy that things were eventually going to becoming better if only a little bit.

This book was very difficult to read. Some pages were so horrifying that I read quickly, just to get those parts over with. It broke my heart to read about Eden and her self-sabotage downward spiral. It was hard because I could understand her reasoning for doing these horrible things. I could understand why she was so filled with angst and hate and rage. I understand her carelessness and recklessness. But that didn’t make her story any easier to read.

So to all the Kevins in the world, I hope you are as miserable as you make other people. To all the Edens in the world- you are good and you have value. Don’t let Kevins take that away from you. And to everyone else- stay safe.

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