Filling up journals as proof of my meager existence.

First flip of Thoughts From My Universe

I am flattered by how many of you reached out to check on me and to ask about me so soon after I disappeared from YouTube without a word.  I was overwhelmed with the battle I was having within myself if it was worth the time spent editing to cover up my deeply private thoughts.  In the end, I decided it is worth the time not to edit the video digitally but to read through my journal and cover up any thoughts I don’t want public with sticky notes.  I will no longer allow my anxiety or depression rob me of the chance to continue sharing my journals online.

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  1. Yay!! So glad you’re back! Your handwriting is so pretty, did you do it all with a fountain pen? I get so frustrated with my fountain pen cause I have to write so slow or it skips. Maybe I’ll invest in a better one after I save some money. Big hugs!! ❤

    1. I used fountain pen a tiny bit but most of what you see are Paper Mate Ink Joys, Paper Mate Flairs and Sakura/genertic gelly roll pens. What kind of fountain pen do you use? Maybe you just need a nib upgrade. 🙂

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