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The Book

4/5 stars

This book was really good and felt similar to 1984, which I also enjoyed. I was hooked since the first sentence of this book told me not to read it. I read it on an electronic reading device, no less. I wonder how much of my copy of The Book was edited. How much did I not get to read, how much was I denied access to? What was kept from me?

So as it is, the book was an interesting concept and was executed very well. I liked that it was based on current technology, but didn’t take away from the beauty of a good old fashioned paper book. I really liked the extremity of environmentalism in this book as well, it was thought-provoking to read about.

The main character Holden was very well developed and likable, I enjoyed reading about him. I really don’t have any problems with this book aside from the epilog. I didn’t really understand it and felt like I missed something pivotal in the plot. I did some research and found out that I didn’t miss anything, and honestly that felt like even a bigger letdown than if I had missed something.

If not for the confusing ending, I would have rated this book 5 stars without a thought. I’m disappointed I had to settle on giving it four stars instead. 

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