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Freshly Revamped: The Nerd Journals

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a blog that actually requires blogging. It was entirely too easy to lose myself on Tumblr where I could curate content with a single click of a reblog button. The reblogging life isn’t for me anymore and I am going to reignite my online pretense by creating my own content.

I plan to blog about what creative things I’m up to with my primary focus, of course, being journaling. I want to write some reviews for products and create photo galleries of images from my journals.  I have a few more fun ideas as well but I would like to leave at least something for a surprise.

If you have suggestions of things you would like to see on The Nerd Journals, if you have any questions for me or any topics you would like me to blog about please reach out to me.

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