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5/5 stars

You know what? Nuts to you guys, I love Dan Brown books and I am unashamed to announce that. They’re not thought-provoking but they’re not supposed to be prose that changes your view on life, the universe, and everything. They’re fun and exciting stories that keep me turning the pages until I have devoured them all; which I’ve now done after completing Origin.

This book was an exciting art history inspired romp around Spain with none other than Robert Langdon and the beautiful chick he got to hang out with this time, Princess Consort Ambra Vidal. As they race against time to release a presentation by futurist Edmond Kirsch who was murdered in cold blood, Langdon and Vidal (with the help of Winston!) have to unravel clues that will help them discover Kirch’s password.

Releasing this presentation will answer two questions that humans have pined over: Where do we come from? Where are we going? Read this book to find out who exactly would want to stop this pertinent information from being released and enjoy a lot of excitement along the way.

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