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2/5 stars

I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for a review.

I don’t normally like women’s literature (a.k.a. chick lit) but I wanted to try this book out for a handful of reasons. I really like epistolary style books. I am in love with the cover of this book. I, myself, am an avid “penfriend” in this age of Internet addiction and last but not least, I also love me some blogs. With all those reasons in mind I thought there was a chance of me liking this book better than I did, but when I turned the last page, all I can say is that this book is okay.

The main characters of this book were not at all likable or I felt, relatable. Granted I’m not a mom but I am a wife who has been with the same man for more than a decade and I can’t imagine feeling how Cass felt throughout the better part of the book. And then there’s Cassie’s sister, Sidney, who is so perfect and graceful that it made me a little nauseous. The first part of the book was the letters that were written between the sisters- this part was warm and personal and even though I didn’t like the people writing them, it was like a fun peek into their lives when they were spiraling out of control.

At this point disaster struck when all the private letters were accidentally posted online for all to see on a blog called “Slow News Sisters”. Even though how the blog came about to be public was a little unbelievable, this is when the book got more exciting because finally, something was happening that I was interested in. But then it all wrapped up predictably with a neat little bow too easily and too perfectly which put me off a little bit again.

While I didn’t dislike this book I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend it to anyone either.

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