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How To Archer

3/5 stars

It was very easy to read this book in Archer’s voice which added to the appeal, though I still ended up skipping a handful of sections (cocktail recipes and how to make Eggs Woodhouse, for example). I thought this book started off much funnier than it ended up. The first bit of the book had me in laughing so hard in bed that I thought I was going to wake up my husband. The farther along I went the more of the same old stuff the book was, nothing terribly original or chuckle-inducing. Of course, Archer isn’t even really one of my top favorite characters from the show anyway so I shouldn’t be surprised. It should have been a book about or by Pam Poovey.

I’m really surprised about the number of people (women mostly) who left low reviews because the book was misogynistic. It’s like they’ve never watched Archer before.

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