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4/5 stars

I thought this book was a jaw-dropping realistic look at to where we as an American culture may be heading in the near future. I really think Feed is where we may end up- we’re already halfway there with our pocket computers that we use for hours a day that connects us to everyone and everything in a second’s time. I found amusement in the children of this story sitting in a room together and “chatting” instead of talking like how today children may be “texting” instead of walking.

The bombardment of advertisements is more prominent in the book than they are today but I don’t feel comfortable saying that the book was a huge stretch. Today was have advertisements in our music, on television, on billboards, in magazines, on my Kindle, in my TV shows (product placement), in my podcasts, when I walk into a store there is hardware on the shelves pointing to a particular product and the muzak interrupts my shopping to advertise Geico insurance to me. It’s insane, and it is very close to Feed.

I haven’t even talked about the plot of this book yet because honestly, the plot came second to me because I was so entranced by the culture of the characters. Yeah, there’s a plot but it’s not terribly great but it is good and it is thought-provoking. Most of this book is the entertainment culture of the future and I very much enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the “background noise” of the calamity that feels so much like the world we are living in today, right now, that I sometimes I wish I could escape from into my feed.

The only thing worse than the thought it may all come tumbling down is the thought that we may go on like this forever.

This is a very good book I would recommend to anyone who likes YA sci-fi.

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