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1/5 stars

This book was bad and Suzanne Weyn should feel bad. A lot of people complained about how this book ended suddenly ended but honestly, the ending couldn’t come quick enough for me. All of the characters lacked personality; practically the only thing I knew about the characters were their names. I couldn’t figure out why anyone did what they did or felt what they felt since nothing was backed up with thought or reason.

The message itself, while being a little preachy, was a good message. Keep in mind that I also really liked the movie Tomorrowland, which was also good but a little preachy. I think if a movie is going to instill morals and values, saving the planet we live on is not something bad to teach.

But back to this book. It was bad and poorly written and I didn’t care about the characters or what happened to them. I don’t understand what the blurb for this book is about- I went into this book thinking it would be a fast-paced dystopian but instead it was really a pathetic little love story about pathetic little kids set in a dystopian world.


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