Filling up journals as proof of my meager existence.

Information to include in your journal

If you are keeping a journal for more than a release of emotion and creativity but as a memoir as something you would like to look back on to recall memories as I do, it is a good idea to include some factual information along with your written words. Here are a few things that I like to keep note of in my journal from time to time:

• Date, including day, time and year (there’s nothing worse than looking back on my old journals to see that I dated it without including the year).

• Weather & temperature, noting any extremes or precipitation.

• Moon phase (also I frequently include my cycle phase).

• Where I am (room, town or special place).

• Currently, lists are one of my favorite things to include randomly in my journals.  I include what I’m doing at that exact moment in time ( a podcast I am listening to, a food I’m snacking on, etc.) and more general information about that time in my life (music and television I’m enjoying, etc.).

• What book I am reading, how far along I am in the book and any thoughts I have regarding what I have read.

• The type of pen and/or ink that I am using.

• Plans for the day and a to-do list, or if I write after the day is over an overview of what I did during the day and what I got accomplished.