Filling up journals as proof of my meager existence.

Celebrating National Notebook Day

What should someone do to celebrate a National Notebook Day? I have been thinking about it and I came up with a few suggestions.

• Begin a new notebook or complete the notebook you are currently using.

• Splurge and purchase a new notebook, even if you don’t need one just yet. Try a new brand or a style that is out of the ordinary.

• Take photographs of your notebook collection and share it on social media (use the hashtag #nationalnotebookday).

• Bake a cake and decorate it to look like a notebook.

• Take your notebook for an adventure today. Go hiking. Press flora between the pages. Take your notebook to the movies and surreptitiously take notes.

• Add some confetti to your notebook.

• Tell your notebook how much it means to you. Make sure you know that you appreciate it always being there for you.

Do you have any more fun ideas for celebrating National Notebook Day? Be sure to share your plans!