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Choosing a new journal for autumn

For me, the satisfaction of completing a journal and the excitement of beginning a new journal comes with the in-between stress and anxiety of choosing the next notebook that I will use.  My favorite season is just around the corner so currently, I am waffling between these five earth-toned and autumn feeling books.

On the very top is a plain brown drugstore journal- I’ve used several like this in the past and I’ve never had a bad experience with this cheap lined notebook.  It’s boring but I have faith in myself to turn it into something more enjoyable to look at.  Next is a Plan Ahead journal with a Celtic design.  It’s a dark brown-black, much darker than I would normally use but autumn and Halloween feels like a good time to use it.  In the middle of the pile is my Dapper Fox journal by Peter Pauper Press that comes complete with an elastic closure and a built-in pocket.  The penultimate journal in this pile has a postmark on the bottom right-hand corner of the cover.  The cover feels like corkboard but there’s some damage to the back of the notebook that I won from a YouTube giveaway.  Lastly is a gorgeous brown notebook with gold foil polka dots and a gold and white fabric spine.  It has blank craft paper pages and is slightly intimidating because of that fact.

I don’t have much time left to pick which notebook to use.  I only have a few short days left in my Microbus journal by Peter Pauper Press and I’m having trouble even narrowing my decision to just two or three books.

Which journal would you reach for next if this was your blank notebook stash?  What journal will you be using next?

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  1. Ooh I love journals! The one that is calling to me at the moment are the foxes, but it may be because I just got out of work. I also like the goal foiled one. Let us know which one you choose!

    1. I like them all so much. It’s a tough decision but I have to make it by Sunday because I think that’s when I will need to start a new one. Decisions, decisions!

  2. Oh the joy and struggle of picking out the next journal/volume. In my opinion, I would choose either the corkboard one or the celtic one. The celtic one reminds me of a spooky witche’s spellbook.

    1. Yes, it’s always fun for me (albeit it may cause me some anxiety) to pick out a new journal. I ended up being a bore and picked the plain brown journal but now that you’ve said that the black one reminds you of a witch’s spellbook I kinda wish I picked that one instead. 🙂

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