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Journal With Me #001

I have a pair of Sony earbuds with a built-in mic and the quality is obviously not that great.  If anyone can give me some tips without investing too much money, I would very much appreciate the help that anyone can offer.

All of my filled journals and a chat

Since I was away from YouTube for a while and because I no longer have any of my old videos available, I thought today I would sit and have a little chat with you guys about all of my journals I have that I filled. Why don’t you and I take a walk down memory lane together?

End of year journal tag 2018

1. Introduce your current journal.
2. Journals completed in 2018.
3. Favorite two journals completed in 2018.
4. Blank journals you are excited to fill out in 2019.
5. Journal that will welcome the new year 2019.
6. Are you happy with your 2018 journaling adventure?
7. What’s your journaling goal for 2019?
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The Journal CEO Magazine – 1st Issue

3/5 stars

I had been wanting to read this magazine since shortly after it was published for Kindle, but I held out waiting for a sale- it was finally lowered about ~$10.00USD in price and it currently is still sitting at $1.99 if you want to check it out as well.

The Journal CEO Magazine is a quick read based on non-art journaling, which is the type of journaling I’ve been doing off and on my entire life, but regularly since 2009. This magazine has a lot of fun things to offer like pictures you can print out to put in your journal, recommendations of products and apps, and long lists of prompts and types of journals you can keep.

The problem with this magazine is that it’s very repetitive and has a number of editing errors. I would also have liked it more if the writer had told us what secret writing with a lemon and a lamp was without me having to Google it after reading about it.

Journals Have Feelings, Too

1/5 stars

If the fat was trimmed from this book and the remainder was better organized, “Journals Have Feelings Too” would make an excellent series of blog posts. This is more of a wishy washy self help book than a book about journaling. Too much of the book was about the author’s struggles in life, I was put off before I even got to the part about journaling. I really wanted to like it but I didn’t.