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All Our Wrong Todays

5/5 stars

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group Dutton for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Tom Barren lives his life in 2016, but the 2016 in which there is a clean unlimited energy- for free- that changes the world from the moment the Goettreider Engine was first turned on in 1965. Tom lives in a futuristic utopia where there is no material want, and the world economy is focused on entertainment. The only thing bad about Tom’s life in 2016 is that it’s bad. His mother was killed in an accident and his father was always absent and cold. With no siblings and no significant other, when the opportunity arose for him to be the first time traveler to go back in time to the moment the Goettreider Engine was first turned on, he took the opportunity with reckless abandon.

There were a few things that were overlooked when Tom’s father created time travel, however, and it caused Tom, who should have been invisible, to become visible to Lionel Goettreider for a brief moment in time, thus changing the entire timeline. Hurled back into 2016, he found himself in a world where he didn’t belong- the world of cars driving on land and doors that didn’t open automatically for him, and food that needed to be prepared and cooked. A world with a loving father and a living mother, and a younger sister and a successful career.

This book is not just about time travel. This book is about the love of a family and romantic love. This book is about choosing between selfishness and selflessness. This book is amazing and intriguing and I found it difficult to put it down between reading sessions.

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