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Coffee & autumn journal flip through

Join me as I drink my morning coffee and talk about my most recently filled journal (my foxy journal) and a couple of other random things I have been wanting to show you.

I don’t think the freebie promotion is going on anymore but Fat Head is the site that I got my emoji stickers from. If you find a link for a free emoji sticker, please let me know and I will update this so other people can get the stickers.

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People I’ve mentioned in this video:
Meagan on YouTube
Jae on Instagram
Lindsey Kaba on YouTube

Drink coffee and chat about journals with me

I woke up early this morning and drank a pot of coffee before anyone else stirred (well, except for maybe my sleepy companion, Hera).Β  In this video, I talk a little bit about my current journal, which journal I may use next, and also a bit about the future of The Nerd Journals blog and YouTube channel.Β  Thanks for joining me for a chat, my friends.

My Autumn Journal

Last night I completed my Peter Pauper Press Microbus journal after writing in it almost daily since July 1st, 2017. Β As always, my Peter Pauper Press journal was a pleasure to work with. Β The brand always has amazing covers and their notebooks often have such extras as elastic closures and built-in pockets (this particular notebook had both!).

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