The Nerd Journals

Filling up journals as proof of my meager existence.

Microbus Journal Part 1

I’ve been putting off posting photos of my Peter Pauper Press Microbus journal because I wanted to post all of the pictures at once.  I guess I underestimated how busy life can be and how long it actually takes to edit photos (especially if you’re not certain what you’re doing, like me).  Instead of putting it off any longer I decided to go ahead and release pictures in batches.  Without further ado, here are ten pictures from my recently completed Microbus journal.

Paperchase Misprinted Journal


I found this photo on Reddit (/u/BellisBlueday) of a journal that was misprinted by Paperchase and sold at a discounted price as opposed to discarding them all.  I thought this was a great idea for Paperchase and I wanted to spread the word.  There are many people (myself included) who wouldn’t necessarily be bothered by this misprint due to my overabundant collection of stickers and washi tape.  Also, it’s a nice reminder to know that companies are run by humans and mistakes happen; it’s how we come back from our mistakes that truly matter.

Incoming September; Outgoing October

I spent some time over today and yesterday replying to the snail mail that I’ve collected since mid-September. If you see a letter you sent me in the pile above, I have finally made the time to sit down and reply to you. Expect something from me within a week. I’m also sending out an unexpected surprise for someone- I hope they like what I send!

Choosing a new journal for autumn

For me, the satisfaction of completing a journal and the excitement of beginning a new journal comes with the in-between stress and anxiety of choosing the next notebook that I will use.  My favorite season is just around the corner so currently, I am waffling between these five earth-toned and autumn feeling books.

Freshly Revamped: The Nerd Journals

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a blog that actually requires blogging. It was entirely too easy to lose myself on Tumblr where I could curate content with a single click of a reblog button. The reblogging life isn’t for me anymore and I am going to reignite my online pretense by creating my own content.

I plan to blog about what creative things I’m up to with my primary focus, of course, being journaling. I want to write some reviews for products and create photo galleries of images from my journals.  I have a few more fun ideas as well but I would like to leave at least something for a surprise.

If you have suggestions of things you would like to see on The Nerd Journals, if you have any questions for me or any topics you would like me to blog about please reach out to me.

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