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My Autumn Journal

Last night I completed my Peter Pauper Press Microbus journal after writing in it almost daily since July 1st, 2017.  As always, my Peter Pauper Press journal was a pleasure to work with.  The brand always has amazing covers and their notebooks often have such extras as elastic closures and built-in pockets (this particular notebook had both!).

I love running my fingers over embossed Peter Pauper Press covers. They’re so smooth and lovely.

My old friend and my new friend side by side. I can’t decide which part I like more: finishing a journal and closing a chapter in my life or the joy of a fresh start when I begin a new journal.

The tree was painted on patterned scrapbook paper and the fox was drawn on sketchbook paper and transferred to the cover. I still need to spray a layer of Mod Podge Sealer on the cover to keep it safe but for now, I’m ready to begin writing.

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  1. What a cute little fox. 🙂 I have a peter pauper press journal I haven’t used yet (and don’t think I ever want to use it. I just want to admire it.) – its covered in pandas.

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