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Art journal prompt: spring

I was blessed with the challenge to make an art journal spread based on the prompt of spring.  Here you can sit and watch me through my process as I pick out what I want to use and put it all together in a journal spread devoted to my spring resolutions.  Thank you for watching.  Please remember to leave a comment and a thumbs up on a video and subscribe to me via YouTube or on BlogLovin’ (or your favorite feedreader) to keep up with me here.

Flip Through of my Book Journal, February 2108

I got this journal from Ex Libris Anonymous– it was made from a book called Little Navajo Bluebird by Ann Nolan Clark.  Join me as I flip through my month of February including lots of Valentine’s nonsense, 90s inspired music and collages, and lots of blackout poetry.  I like my Book Journal and I would be open to using one again in the future.  I encourage any of you readers to check out Ex Libris Anonymous for your next notebook.  Warning: Book Journals are not Sharpie or Copic marker friendly.

A tour of my art desk

I am so pleased to be finally showing you all a tour of my creative space.  I went from having a tiny desk in a large art studio to owning a large desk in a small living room so it took me a while to figure out just want to keep and what to get rid of and organize everything the way I wanted it.  I still have some things I will probably never use (see: alpha cardstock) but I kept around because I’m more likely to use than some other things I didn’t keep.

Without further ado, here is a list of the things I keep in, on or around my desk for quick and easy access while arting, farting and crafting my life away.

Cupboard on the left (top): lots of acrylic paints, a little pot of idk ink, a couple jars of fountain pen ink, gesso, mod podge and mod podge sealant spray.  (Bottom): a basket with a pallet, paint brayer, watercolors, tubes of acrylic paints, paintbrush stash, watercolor pencils, mini-canvas, glue gun and miscellanea.  Bubble wrap, a small glass jar for water and paintbrushes.

Glass on desk: Dr. Grip Paperwhite, Tul pen, TWSBI Eco, Jinhao 159, white Sakura gelly roll, pencil, eraser, and Stabilo highlighter.

Drawers on the left (top): Miscellanea.  Staples, stapler, X-Acto knife, rulers, glasses cleaning kit, stamps, TWSBI pen box, etc.  (Middle): envelopes, card making kit, postcards, lamination sheets, stationery, envelope templates.  (Bottom): scrapbooking paper, old calendars, cardstock and stencils.

Keyboard shelf: magazines that need to be clipped (mostly National Geographic but there’s a couple more as well), St. Patrick’s Day things (stickers, journal cards), inbox and outbox.

3 tier Sterilite container (container on top): pens, Sharpies, scented crayons, markers, brush pens, pencil case pouch with pencils, colored pencils, extra mechanical pencil graphite and erasers.  (Top drawer): washi tape, deco tape, packing tape, tape runners and my entire sticker collection.  (Middle drawer): stamps, ink pads and hole punches.  (Bottom drawer): seasonal miscellanea.

Shelf above desk: canvas, coloring books, art journal, tarot art project, alpha cardstock, Jagermeister box filled with odds and ends, a binder of magazine clippings, greeting cards, collected artist trading cards, Xyron sticker maker and packing envelopes.

Walmart & Hobby Lobby shopping haul

I’ve been using so many things up lately that my collection was a bit more sparse than I prefer it to be.  I got myself a few more stickers and rolls of washi and tape rollers, as well as a couple of things I wasn’t really looking for but found on clearance anyway.

Breathe – a magazine flip through

I got this magazine at a pharmacy while picking up some medicine and I’m so in love with it, I thought you guys might be interested in a flip through. I paid full price for mine like a chump but if memory serves me correctly, Meagan from TulipTube got a deal on her magazine by purchasing it second hand from eBay. If you find yourself interested in health, beauty and overall wellness I do recommend checking out this magazine. Hope you all have a day that’s easy like Sunday morning.

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