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Flip Through of my Book Journal, February 2108

I got this journal from Ex Libris Anonymous– it was made from a book called Little Navajo Bluebird by Ann Nolan Clark.  Join me as I flip through my month of February including lots of Valentine’s nonsense, 90s inspired music and collages, and lots of blackout poetry.  I like my Book Journal and I would be open to using one again in the future.  I encourage any of you readers to check out Ex Libris Anonymous for your next notebook.  Warning: Book Journals are not Sharpie or Copic marker friendly.

A tour of my art desk

I am so pleased to be finally showing you all a tour of my creative space.  I went from having a tiny desk in a large art studio to owning a large desk in a small living room so it took me a while to figure out just want to keep and what to get rid of and organize everything the way I wanted it.  I still have some things I will probably never use (see: alpha cardstock) but I kept around because I’m more likely to use than some other things I didn’t keep.

Without further ado, here is a list of the things I keep in, on or around my desk for quick and easy access while arting, farting and crafting my life away.

Cupboard on the left (top): lots of acrylic paints, a little pot of idk ink, a couple jars of fountain pen ink, gesso, mod podge and mod podge sealant spray.  (Bottom): a basket with a pallet, paint brayer, watercolors, tubes of acrylic paints, paintbrush stash, watercolor pencils, mini-canvas, glue gun and miscellanea.  Bubble wrap, a small glass jar for water and paintbrushes.

Glass on desk: Dr. Grip Paperwhite, Tul pen, TWSBI Eco, Jinhao 159, white Sakura gelly roll, pencil, eraser, and Stabilo highlighter.

Drawers on the left (top): Miscellanea.  Staples, stapler, X-Acto knife, rulers, glasses cleaning kit, stamps, TWSBI pen box, etc.  (Middle): envelopes, card making kit, postcards, lamination sheets, stationery, envelope templates.  (Bottom): scrapbooking paper, old calendars, cardstock and stencils.

Keyboard shelf: magazines that need to be clipped (mostly National Geographic but there’s a couple more as well), St. Patrick’s Day things (stickers, journal cards), inbox and outbox.

3 tier Sterilite container (container on top): pens, Sharpies, scented crayons, markers, brush pens, pencil case pouch with pencils, colored pencils, extra mechanical pencil graphite and erasers.  (Top drawer): washi tape, deco tape, packing tape, tape runners and my entire sticker collection.  (Middle drawer): stamps, ink pads and hole punches.  (Bottom drawer): seasonal miscellanea.

Shelf above desk: canvas, coloring books, art journal, tarot art project, alpha cardstock, Jagermeister box filled with odds and ends, a binder of magazine clippings, greeting cards, collected artist trading cards, Xyron sticker maker and packing envelopes.

Walmart & Hobby Lobby shopping haul

I’ve been using so many things up lately that my collection was a bit more sparse than I prefer it to be.  I got myself a few more stickers and rolls of washi and tape rollers, as well as a couple of things I wasn’t really looking for but found on clearance anyway.

Breathe – a magazine flip through

I got this magazine at a pharmacy while picking up some medicine and I’m so in love with it, I thought you guys might be interested in a flip through. I paid full price for mine like a chump but if memory serves me correctly, Meagan from TulipTube got a deal on her magazine by purchasing it second hand from eBay. If you find yourself interested in health, beauty and overall wellness I do recommend checking out this magazine. Hope you all have a day that’s easy like Sunday morning.

January 2018 Shopping Haul

I hit up Hobby Lobby when they had their paper crafting merchandise on sale for 50% off and I used my Savings Catcher funds from Walmart to buy myself stickers.  Lots of fun new things for Erica with minimum out-of-pocket spending.  This works for me.

Well Inked Unboxing

Thank you to my new friends at WellInkedBox for letting me try out their subscription service.  It arrived quickly, it was packaged beautifully and I am so excited to try out the products that came inside. Please continue reading this blog post for more information about each of the products (from the cardstock included in the package) in the order that I talked about them in this video.

Limited Edition TWSBI Eco Unboxing

EDIT: a note from John of Lemur Ink slipped out of the packaging when I was tossing it in the trash just now- this is INDEED a fine tipped nib (instead of extra fine, but I think I may have messed this up in my video ANYWAY). So I’m really glad I got the fine- the XF would have been WAY too tiny for my preference. Thanks for reading my update. 🙂

Lemur Ink

TWSBI Eco Turquoise, limited edition

Noodler’s Navajo Turquoise

Inking up the TWSBI Eco by Brendan Chetty

Paperchase Misprinted Journal


I found this photo on Reddit (/u/BellisBlueday) of a journal that was misprinted by Paperchase and sold at a discounted price as opposed to discarding them all.  I thought this was a great idea for Paperchase and I wanted to spread the word.  There are many people (myself included) who wouldn’t necessarily be bothered by this misprint due to my overabundant collection of stickers and washi tape.  Also, it’s a nice reminder to know that companies are run by humans and mistakes happen; it’s how we come back from our mistakes that truly matter.

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