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Filling up journals as proof of my meager existence.

All of my filled journals and a chat

Since I was away from YouTube for a while and because I no longer have any of my old videos available, I thought today I would sit and have a little chat with you guys about all of my journals I have that I filled. Why don’t you and I take a walk down memory lane together?

End of year journal tag 2018

1. Introduce your current journal.
2. Journals completed in 2018.
3. Favorite two journals completed in 2018.
4. Blank journals you are excited to fill out in 2019.
5. Journal that will welcome the new year 2019.
6. Are you happy with your 2018 journaling adventure?
7. What’s your journaling goal for 2019?
original tag

First flip of Thoughts From My Universe

I am flattered by how many of you reached out to check on me and to ask about me so soon after I disappeared from YouTube without a word.  I was overwhelmed with the battle I was having within myself if it was worth the time spent editing to cover up my deeply private thoughts.  In the end, I decided it is worth the time not to edit the video digitally but to read through my journal and cover up any thoughts I don’t want public with sticky notes.  I will no longer allow my anxiety or depression rob me of the chance to continue sharing my journals online.

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