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2017: My Year In Journals

This stack of journals took me from 15 December 2016 until sometime in 2018. At this point, I have no guess on when my current journal will be finished but I will be sure to update this page with more information once my Eccolo journal is completed.

My Marauder’s Map journal was used from 15 December 2016 until 17 February 2017. It was a gift from my penpal Whitney that I kept putting off using (I was kind of hoarding it) until I finally plunged into feet first. In this journal, I wrote a lot about my roommates and looking for a new home and politics (USA presidential inauguration, the women’s march, etc). This journal has no special features but was lovely to write in.

I started writing in The Simpsons Moleskine the day I moved into my new apartment on 17 February 2017 and I wrote in it until 30 June 2017. The cover and inside cover with notable places in Springfield was a joy to look at and of course since it’s Moleskine the notebook has features including a built-in pocket, ribbon bookmark, and elastic closure. Moleskine isn’t so great anymore these days as far as paper quality goes, the pages were thin and many of my pens and inks bled or ghosted through the pages. Lucky for Moleskine I kinda like how bleeding and ghosting look.

The Microbus journal by Peter Pauper Press lasted me from 1 July 2017 through 24 September 2017. The cover is embossed and feels lovely under my fingers, the inside cover has a cute tire pattern and the journal came with an elastic closure and a built-in pocket. I wrote a lot in this journal and I covered topics ranging from the summer’s solar eclipse, a car accident my close family members were part of and when my husband was away from me for five days in a psychiatric hospital.

I wrote in this very cheap brand journal (seriously- $5 for a pack of 4) from 25 September 2017 until 12 November 2017. The cover was plain brown until I painted a fox behind a tree and glued to the cover. I’m mostly happy with how it turned out, but I’m no artist. My penpal Meagan sent me the adorable fox bookmark that matches this notebook pretty perfectly. I have used Caliber Fashion Notebooks several times in the past and I believe I still have more blanks in my stash.

Finally, a picture of my current journal that I started on my birthday on 13 November 2017 that I am still writing in today. It’s an Eccolo journal- one of the several I own and have used in the past. It’s a pretty basic journal with a semi-soft cover and gorgeous polka dots on the inside cover but this journal has no extra features short of a ribbon bookmark that I’ve stained with Noodlers Navajo Turquoise ink.

Thanks for taking a look at my journals I have used in 2017. In 2018 one of my many goals is to do better with updating TheNerdJournals (whether it be this website, my YouTube channel or Instagram) so I hope in 2018 I will be sharing pictures of my journals much more frequently than I have in the past. If there’s anything in particular you are interested in seeing or reading about, my website lists sveral ways to contact me.

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